Elen sensors

Elen designs and produces Hall effect sensors for agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles and related subassemblies.

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Replace a product with an Elen product.
Best performance
Meet new needs and new technological challenges with us.
Create a new product to respond to new solutions.
Cost and time reduction
Work with us to quickly identify the most effective product for you.

Elen speed sensors detect, without contact, the rotation of phonic or toothed wheels and, in general, any rotating object made of ferrous material with cracks or protruding parts.

Elen has developed and recently expanded a range of sensors to meet the application needs of manufacturers of electric motors for industrial work and transport vehicles.

Linear position sensors detect the position and movement of axes or moving parts, either by contact or remotely.

Elen temperature sensors use NTC thermistors and bimetallic thermostats to detect the temperature trend or a precise value in °C above which an alarm is signalled.