Hall effect sensors for electric motors

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The new Elen sensors for electric motors have been designed to meet the needs of manufacturers of this type of engine, used in various industrial and utility vehicles.
They are suitable for intensive and continuous use in harsh working conditions, in line with the reliability and mechanical robustness requirements.
They have the function of sending real time feedback to the control unit regarding the incremental or absolute position of the shaft, up to a maximum of 8000 rpm.
Used on AC, DC and PM AC brushless electric motors, they detect the number of revolutions and direction of rotation (for speed control) or the precise position of the motor shaft as it rotates (for position control).
By combining a Hall-effect sensor with an external element integral with the crankshaft (tone wheel, magnetic ring, magnetic cylinder), it is possible to obtain: two square-wave signals phase-shifted by 90° (for speed-direction sensors) or two sinusoidal signals phase-shifted by 90° (for sincos sensors).