Hall-effect angle sensors with external magnet 
Hall-effect angle sensors with external magnet

The wide range of Elen angle sensors perfectly meets the requirements of manufacturers of agricultural machinery, industrial vehicles and their subassemblies. Elen’s angular sensors detect rotary motion through a contactless Hall element, providing a proportional output with respect to the absolute position.
The programmable card, in addition to the straightforward and solidly-built mechanism, guarantee a reliable, accurate and repeatable signal which can be configured by the customer. This is the reason why Elen’s angular sensors are the most reliable and flexible solution for maximum precision and resistance to harsh environmental conditions, for example on steering axles, articulated arms mechanisms, accelerator pedals and active suspension systems.


Supply voltage : 5 V; 10-30V;
Single or double output signal
Output can be configured separately for each voltage and current channel, PWM, min-max levels can be configured within the 0-5 V range, 4-20 mA, % duty cycle, increasing, decreasing or double-quadrant inclination angle, fully customized configurations available
Angular range up to  360°
Case configurations available, depending on fixing and dimensions
Three magnet support configurations available
Customizable cable and connector


Contactless Hall-effect
Protection class: IP67
Maximum protection from vibrations and electromagnetic disturbances
Operating temperature: -40°/+105°
Protection from ESD, load dump, power surges, reversed polarity, output short circuits


Suitable for safety applications in accordance with the EN ISO 13849 regulations
Isolated and galvanically-distinct circuits

1. Tractors
2. Construction vehicles
3. Telehandler
4. Lifting vehicles
5. Round balers
6. Harvesters

A. Lever Position
B. Hand throttle
C. Clutch pedal
D. Gas pedal
E. Inclination of suspended axle
F. Wheel position

A Hall sensor intercepts the magnetic field generated by a magnet which rotates jointly with the shaft, generating an output signal which is proportionate to and in line with the rotation angle or a square wave with a duty cycle proportionate to the rotation angle. The programmable circuit board guarantees a wide range of output configurations and a reliable, accurate and repeatable signal.

The anodized aluminum case guarantees protection against corrosion provoked by external elements; ensures maximum resistance to impact and vibrations. The resin guarantees impermeability from external elements.

A separate module having no contact with the sensor (ELEMENTO SENSIBILE), thus making the product resistant to mechanical wear and tear, typical of potentiometric solutions. The protection diaphragm guarantees protection against infiltrations from external elements and prevents mechanical shocks to the shaft from damaging the circuit board or altering the signal.

Double output versions are developed by integrating two sensors with totally independent and galvanically isolated circuits on the same support, in compliance with functional safety requirements related to the signal’s REDUNDANCY.

sensori angolari senza alberino

sensori angolari senza alberino

The number of connector pins is determined by the chosen electronic configuration; it is possible to install additional models upon customer's request.

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