Butterfly throttle - Metis Series 
Butterfly throttle - Metis Series

The innovative Hall-effect accelerator controls of the Metis series are designed to ensure maximum reliability for all electrically powered vehicles endowed with wheelhouse, which require an 0-5 volt analog input proportionate to position in order to interface with the speed control of the engine, in particular for handling and lifting machinery (pallet trucks, forklifts, tractors, tugs, cranes) and for industrial cleaning machinery. The Hall-effect operating principle, the signal management firmware, changeover point management firmware and the innovative magnetic-return system make the mechanics extremely simple and reliable (reducing to the essential the presence of contact parts) and the accurate and repeatable signal can be configured by the customer. These characteristics, together with the resin coating and the sealed case make the throttle control suitable for use in harsh environments.


Supply voltage: 5 V; 10-30 V; 12-48V;
Programmable analog output (standard voltage 0-5V; 0-10V): min-max levels within the supply voltage range;
increasing or decreasing inclination angle;
IVS single (windowed) or double; NO or NC; changeover point
can be programmed on a value of choice
Output signal: single or double
Customizable shaft length
Customizable cable and connector


Contactless Hall-effect
Output and IVS managed by the firmware, without contact switches or manual calibrations
contatto né calibrazioni manuali
Protection class IP67
Infinite life cycle thanks to the magnetic return system
Reversed polarity protection to ensure that no damages occur to the throttle if connected incorrectly.
Does not require calibration nor maintenance


Suitable for safety applications in accordance with the EN ISO 13849 regulations
Isolated and galvanically-distinct circuits

1. Professional cleaning machines
2. Pallet trucks
3. Lifting vehicles
4. Electric tows
5. Electric cranes

A. Electric motor
B. Wheelhouse

The angular sensor integrated in the base detects the joint rotation of the magnet and the main shaft, without mechanical wear. The programmable board provides a wide range of output and switch signal configurations. The board integrates the IVS signal without contact microswitches and mechanical parts necessary to operate them. It guarantees a reliable, accurate and repeatable signal, which can be configured by the customer, and does not require manual calibrations during the production process.

Not subjected to the deterioration which is typical in mechanical springs, the magnetic return system guarantees an infinite life cycle. The return in position of the lever and the input for the Hall sensor are obtained with just one magnet, thus reducing mechanical components.

The plastic cover protects the interior from infiltrations.

Guaranteeing maximum protection from infiltrations.

The absence of mechanical wear between moving parts guarantees a signal that does not deteriorate with use.

Double output versions are developed by integrating two sensors with totally independent and galvanically isolated circuits on the same support, in compliance with functional safety requirements contemplated by the EN ISO 13849 regulations.

The number of connector pins is determined by the chosen electronic configuration; it is possible to install additional models upon customer's request.

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