In compliance with the obligations deriving from national (Privacy Code) and EU (European General Regulation No. 679/2016) regulations regarding the protection of personal data, ELEN srl respects and protects the privacy of visitors and users.

This privacy policy applies to both the collection of information from the website as well as from other channels.

1 - Legal basis for the processing of personal data

By using or consulting this website, visitors and users explicitly approve this privacy policy and consent to the processing of their personal data in relation to the methods and purposes described below, including any disclosure to third parties if required for the delivery of a service.

Providing data and, therefore, consenting to the collection and processing of the same, is optional. The User can deny consent and may revoke at any time a consent already given. However, denying consent may make it impossible to provide certain services and the browsing experience on the site would be compromised.

The data of registered customers is processed in accordance with the existing agreement with ELEN srl from the time the agreement is executed.

2 – Purposes of processing personal data

Processing of personal data means: recording, storage, organization, consultation, selection, retrieval, comparison, processing, use, modification, interconnection, blocking, transmission, erasure and destruction, transfer or release, or the combination of two or more such operations.

The processing of data collected by the website, in addition to the purposes related, instrumental and required for the supply of the service, is aimed at:

2.1 – Statistics

Collection of data and information in an exclusively aggregate and anonymous form in order to verify the proper functioning of the website and to improve the online store and the platform.

None of said information is related to the individual-User of the site, and do not in any manner allow the identification of the same.

2.2 – Safety

Collection of data and information in order to protect the safety of the website and of its users (spam filters, firewalls, virus detection) and to prevent or expose frauds or violations which would be detrimental to the website.

The data is recorded automatically and may possibly also include personal data (IP address) that could be used, in accordance with applicable laws, in order to block attempts to damage the website itself or to harm other users, or in any event harmful activities or activities constituting a crime. Said data is never used for the identification or profiling of the User and is periodically deleted.

2.3 – Shopping/Supply of services

Collection of data in order to manage orders, supply products and services, process payments, communicate with users regarding orders, products, services and promotional offers, update logs and, in general, manage user accounts, show contents such as customer wish-lists and reviews and recommend products and services that may be of interest to users.

2.4 – Ancillary activities

Transmit the data to third parties who perform activities necessary or instrumental to the operation of the service, and to allow third parties to carry out technical, logistic and other activities on our behalf.

This website uses suppliers for carrying out certain activities, such as processing orders, delivering parcels, sending traditional mail, analyzing data, providing marketing assistance, making credit card payments and providing services to customers.

Suppliers only have access to the personal data which is necessary in order to perform their tasks, undertake not to use said data for other purposes and are held to process personal data in accordance with applicable laws. This type of data is retained only for the period of time required for the supply of the service.

2.5 – Newsletters

Execute newsletters for customers who registered by means of the website to a specific web page containing the registration form and the consent for the processing of mandatory data. Said page, or the user section (in addition to a specific link at the bottom of the newsletter), allows automatic cancellation from the newsletter. Registrations through written consent issued directly to the Data Controller can be requested to ELEN srl

3 – Collected data

This site collects user data in two ways.

3.1 – Automatically collected data

While users are browsing, the following information, which is stored in the site log files, can be collected:

  •        Internet Protocol (IP) address;
  •        Type of browser
  •        Parameters of the device used to connect to the site;
  •        Internet service provider (ISP) name
  •        Date and time of access
  •        Web page of origin and exit of the user (referral);
  •        If need be, the number of clicks made.

This information is used to analyze user trends and collect data in aggregate form, to manage and guarantee the safety of the website, and in no way identifies the User.

3.2 – Data provided voluntarily

The website can collect other data in case of voluntary use of the services by users, such as comments, communications (chat, contact forms and email), purchases (cart) sections:

  •        First and last name;
  •        Email address;
  •        Home address;
  •        VAT and/or fiscal code;
  •        Company name and registered office;
  •        Image (avatar);
  •        Social media profile;
  •        Geographic location.

This information is provided voluntarily by the User at the time of requesting the service or by adding comments and will be used exclusively for the supply of the service requested and processed only for the time required to provide said service.

Fiscal data is necessary in order to make use of the purchased services and for billing purposes.

The data collected by the site is not shared with third parties, unless lawfully requested by judicial authorities and only if required by law. The data, however, may be provided to third parties if this is necessary for the supply of a specific service requested by the User, or for tax purposes or for the implementation of security checks or optimization of the site.

4 – Location of processing

The information collected by the website is processed at the head office of the Data Controller and at the data centers located within the European Economic Area (EEA), and are handled only by personnel in charge of processing. Personal data is processed using automatic and non-automatic tools for the time required in order to achieve the purposes for which they were collected.

5 – Data retention period

The information collected is processed for the time required for the purposes for which it was collected, and in any event no later than the time prescribed by law.

The information required for tax purposes is kept until the assessments relating to the corresponding tax period are established, i.e. for at least 10 years or more if the annuity related thereto is not yet prescribed for tax purposes.

At the expiration date, the information will be deleted or made anonymous, unless there are additional purposes for the storage of the same (for example warranty delivery obligations, tax obligations).

6 - Transfer of collected data to third parties and non-EU countries

The personal data of users/customers is an essential component of our work and the assignment to third parties is not part of our activities. However, this site, in the performance of its activities and in the performance of the services requested by users, may have to transfer some data to third parties who perform specific tasks which are instrumental and linked to those of the site, including: order fulfillments (eg. purchase of domains) , mail delivery, data analysis, marketing assistance, credit card payments, etc. Suppliers have access to the data required for the performance of their specific task and are held to process the same in accordance with this Policy.

In the event of transfer of the company or of the production units, the personal information of Clients is part of the transferred company assets but remain subject to the commitments undertaken with this Policy, except for requests for new consent.

In the event that data is transferred to companies located outside the European Union (for example Google, Facebook and Microsoft - for LinkedIn and Skype), we make sure that said data is transferred in compliance with applicable regulations and, more specifically, with the regulations provided for by the General Regulations for the protection of personal data. The transfer is authorized by specific decisions of the European Union and the Data Protection Authority, more specifically ruling no. 1250/2016 (Privacy Shield– please see the information page of the Italian Data Protection Authority, therefore no further consent is required.

The user, by consenting to the contract, expressly agrees to the transfer of data in the events indicated above.

7 – Cookies

This website uses cookies and similar technologies. Cookies allow us to keep information about visitors' preferences, verify the correct functioning of the site and improve its functionality by customizing the contents of the pages according to the type of browser used, or simplify browsing by automating the procedures (eg. Login, site language) and for the analysis of visitors' use of the website.

This website utilizes the following cookies categories:

Technical cookies

Cookies in this category include both persistent and session cookies. They allow us to differentiate connected users, preventing a service from being supplied to the wrong User and are therefore a result of an express request by the user, and are also used for website and users’ security purposes. In the absence of such cookies, the site or some parts of the same may not work properly. Cookies in this category are always sent from our domain, and no consent is required for them.

Analytical cookies

Cookies in this category are used to gather information on the correct use of the site and on the behavior of users for statistical analysis purposes, to improve the site and simplify its use. These types of cookies collect anonymous information on the activity of users on the website and the way in which they arrived to the same and the pages visited. Cookies in this category are sent from the website itself or from third-party domains.

Third-party cookies

This website also acts as an intermediary for third-party cookies which are used to provide additional services and features to visitors and improve the use of the website (such as social media buttons). Some of these cookies are profiling, i.e. used by third parties to collect information on the behavior and interests of users in order to provide personalized advertising.


7.1 – Consent for the use of cookies

By using the website, continuing to browse the same, or by clicking on the banner at the time of first access to the site, the visitor expressly consents to the use of cookies and similar technologies, and in particular to the recording of these cookies on the device of the visitor for the purposes indicated above, or access to cookies via information on the visitor’s device.

7.2 - Rejection or revocation of consent to cookies

The user can reject the use of cookies and at any time can revoke a consent already given. Since cookies are linked to the browser used, THEY CAN BE DISABLED DIRECTLY FROM THE BROWSER, thus rejecting/revoking consent to the use of cookies.

DISABLING COOKIES COULD PREVENT THE CORRECT USE OF SOME FUNCTIONS OF THE WEBSITE ITSELF, in particular services provided by third parties may not be accessible and therefore may not be viewable: YouTube videos or other video-sharing services; social buttons on social networks; Google maps.

Instructions for disabling cookies from the browser, and for deleting cookies already present on the User's device, can be found on the following web pages:

Mozilla Firefox

Windows Internet Explorer

Google Chrome


Apple Safari

Additional information about cookies and how to manage the same can be found

7.3 – Third-party cookies

This privacy policy does not apply to services provided by third parties and this website has no control over their cookies, which are entirely managed by said third parties, and has no access to the information collected through said cookies. Therefore, the information on the use of third-party cookies, on the purposes of the same, as well as on how to disable them, are provided directly by said third parties at the pages indicated below.

As a rule, the tracking of users does not imply identification of the same, unless the User is already registered to the service and is already logged in, in which case it is understood that the User has already expressed consent directly to the third party at the time of subscription to the relevant service (eg. Facebook).

More specifically, this website uses cookies from the following third parties.

7.3.1 – Google Inc.

- Google Analytics: web analysis tool used in order to allow us to review the use of the site by users, prepare reports on site activities and user behavior, verify how often users visit the site, how the site is traced, and which pages are visited most frequently. The information is combined by Google with information collected from other sites in order to create a comparative picture of the use of the site compared to other same-category sites.

Collected data: browser identification, date and time of interaction with the site, page of origin, IP.

Data processing location: USA.

The data collected does not allow the personal identification of users and is not intersected with other information relating to said individual. Said data is treated in an aggregate and anonymous manner (truncated to the last octet). Under a specific agreement, Google Inc. is prohibited from crossing this data with data obtained from other services.

- Google Maps: a Google service that offers road maps and localization for urban businesses. It sets cookies on map pages.

Collected data:number and behavior of individuals using the maps, information related to the page displayed, viewing preferences (zoom level, etc.).

Data processing location: USA.

- Youtube: a platform, owned by Google, for video sharing. Cookies are set at the access of the page containing the embed, and at the video launch, and do not allow identification of the User unless the same is already logged in the Google profile, in which case it is understood that the User has already expressed consent directly to Google.

For some videos, the "advanced privacy (no cookie)" option has been activated, which does not contemplated the storing of visitor information unless they voluntarily reproduce the video.

Collected data: number and behavior of users, IP address, information linking site visits to the Google Account for users already logged in, preferences on videos viewed.

Data processing location: USA.

Disabling Google Inc. cookies

Data transmitted to Google is stored on Google's servers in the United States. For more information on the use of data and its processing by Google, please refer to Google's policy at the following web address:

Additional information on Google Analytics’ cookies can be found on the following page:

The User can selectively disable Google Analytics by installing the appropriate component provided for by Google on its browser (opt out). To disable the collection of data by Google Analytics, please refer to the following link:

The User can selectively disable the DoubleClick DART Cookie by blocking the connection with its browser, on the following web page:

7.3.2 – Facebook

- Remarketing and Custom Audience: set to display personalized ads based on the interests of the User. Certain Facebook advertising partners may also use cookies and similar technologies for tracking users.

Data processing location: USA.

Facebook Privacy Policy:

For additional information on the use and purpose of cookies by Facebook, please refer to the following web page:

The User can selectively disable the Facebook Remarketing action on the web page of the Digital Advertising Alliance:

7.3.3 – PayPal Inc.

- PayPal uses cookies to allow the correct execution of payments. PayPal sets cookies when accessing the payment form in order to: process transactions and provide PayPal Services; verify the identity of the User (also during account creation and password reset procedures); resolve disputes, collect fees and solve problems; manage risks or identify, prevent and/or remedy, fraud or other potentially illegal or prohibited activities; identify, prevent or remedy violations of regulations or related agreements with users; provide Users with customer support services; improve PayPal Services by customizing the User's experience; evaluate the performance of PayPal Services and improve contents and layout; manage and protect their IT infrastructures; send targeted marketing and advertising communications; provide service updates and promotional offers based on the communication preferences defined in the PayPal account and the User's activities during the use of PayPal Services; perform solvency checks, compare data to establish accuracy and verify the same with third parties.

Collected data: user behavior, IP address, browser data, device data, location data, operating system, provider, date and time, first and last name, credit card number and/or bank account details; email address.

Data processing location: USA.

For additional information on the use and purposes of cookies by PayPal, please refer to the following web page:


7.3.4 – Social Plugin

This website also incorporates plugins and/or buttons for social networks, in order to allow easy sharing of content on your favorite social networks. These plugins do not set cookies, but if they are already present on the visitor's device said plugins are able to read them and use them according to their settings. The collection and use of information by these third parties is governed by the privacy policies of the same, as follows:


(cookie policy link


(cookie policy link


(cookie policy link


(cookie policy link


8 – Safety measures

The Data Controller treats the data of visitors/users in a lawful and proper manner, adopting the appropriate safety measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or unauthorized destruction of data, as well as illicit use of data. The processing is carried out through IT tools and/or telematic systems, with organizational methods and with logic strictly related to specific purposes, and the data is stored in secured facilities with personnel verification and access limits. Access to information is strictly limited to authorized personnel.

The website is constantly monitored to check for security breaches and to ensure that information is secure.

In some cases, in addition to the Data Controller, a certain category of individuals involved in the organization of the website (system administrators and administrative, commercial, marketing and legal personnel) or external individuals (such as third-party suppliers of technical services, postal couriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies) may have access to the data.

It is important that you take appropriate safety measures against unauthorized access to your password and your computer. Always make sure you are disconnected when using a computer shared with others.

9 – User’s rights

In compliance with the obligations deriving from national (Privacy Code) and EU (European General Regulation No. 679/2016) regulations, the User can, according to the terms and within the limits established by applicable laws:

  •        object, in whole or in part, for justified reasons, to the processing of the User’s personal data for the purpose of sending advertising or direct sales material or for carrying out marketing research or commercial communications;
  •        request confirmation of the existence of the User’s personal data;
  •        learn its origin;
  •        receive comprehensible information;
  •        receive information on logic, methods and purposes of the processing;
  •        request the updating, rectification, additions, erasure, transformation into anonymous form, blocking of data processed in violation of laws, including data no longer necessary for the pursuit of the purposes for which it was collected;
  •        in cases of treatment based on consent, receive, at support costs only, the data provided to the Data Controller, in a structured and readable format by a data processor and in a format commonly used by an electronic device;
  •        the right to lodge a complaint with the supervising Authority (Data Protection Authority - link to the page of the Data Protection Authority;
  •        as well as, more generally, exercise all rights which are recognized by current provisions of the law.

Requests should be addressed to the Data Controller.

10 – Processing entities

In accordance with applicable laws, the Data Controller is: ELEN srl - Viale Forlanini, 71 – 20024 Garbagnate Milanese (MI) Italy - mail

In accordance with applicable laws, the Data Supervisor is: ELEN srl - Viale Forlanini, 71 – 20024 Garbagnate Milanese (MI) Italy - mail


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