On Board Computers

The Elen’s on-board computers find application on agricultural tractors and grass mowing machines, motocompressors and other industrial or agricultural vehicles. Designed and developed for the installation on dashboards, they show characteristics which make them suitable for the external operation, the IP65 grade of protection or the internal resination process are some examples. They use microprocessors and configurable or customizable softwares designed in way to fit in the destination system and to meet the functions requirements like speed calculation referring to speed sensors informations and wheels’ diameters. The definition of the parameters to display and of the calculations to perform is planned in agreement with the customer that realizes the vehicle. Colours and logos are customizable. The on-board computers comply with the CE statements.

“Data Visual” OBC

Item code AA010019

This on-board computer offers a comfortable reading on digital display of the engine’s RPMs, PTO state, worked hours and vehicle’s speed.

“Data Monitor” OBC

Item code AA000036

Electronic device which permits to read a series of paremeters and to setup calculations on the working area. It is customizable to show measurements like speed, engine rpms, pto rpms, wheels skid, total or partial working hours. The parameters to show are detected by mean of specific connections and protocols to Ecus.

Bale wrapper OBC

Item code AA000104

This on-board computer offers a comfortable reading and a user-friendly human interface for all the bale wrapping operations. It controls the manostat and relating to the full basket condition drives a string engine or a net engine for the bale tying both in manual and automatic mode (user selectable).

“Sivekino” grass mowing & collecting OBC

Item codes AA010027, AA010028

Complete computer for low power semi-moving diesel or gasoline engines equipped machines. It performs vehicle’s parameters monitor functions, alarms’ indication, management of funtions like diesel glow plugs pre-heating, colecting of data like partial or total working hours. Ideal for installation on professional grass mowing and collecting or special application machines. It is a varioous applications configurable product by mean of specific SW. The srigraphic panel is customizable.

“Sivekino” motocompressor control OBC

Item code AA010014

It represents an example of the previous device dedicated to high power on field compressors.

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