Electronic control units

The birth and the successive development of Elen start with the conception and the realization of the ECUs for agricultural vehicles. Te ECUs are committed to the management and control of special on-board operations, and implement diagnostic and safety functions in order to safeguard of the devices connected in the system. The correct operation and the parameters setup can be managed by mean of the dedicated external diagnostic tester. They are suitable for the external or cabin installation. The internal resination process (on request) guarantees the IP67 grade of protection. Similarly to the on-board computers, they use microprocessors and configurable softwares designed in way to meet the requirements of our customers and comply to the CE statements for the automotive field.

CPA ECU – rear lifter

Item code AA000060

Ideal for tractors of middle-low power. It controls in active mode the strain and the position of the tool by mean of 2 potentiometers mounted on the dashboard. The strain and position detection is performed using two Hall effect sensors Type AA.02.0001. Possible cables kit supply.

CFE ECU – electromagnetic clutch

Item code AA000067

It activates an electromagnetic clutch in a gradual way over a predtermined rpms threshold. It disconnects the clutch when an high torque is detected. Applicable on Baruffaldi’s electromagnetic clutches.

Suspensions ECU

Item code AA000098

Suspended Axle controller for agricultural tractors. Suspension regulation within a specified oscillation range managed by mean of hydraulic circuit driving and oscillations control performed by AA.01.0017 type sensor. Operating modes: automatic or manual for service purposes.


Item code AA000110

The ECU drives, by mean of a push-button and a two-ways switch, two linear electromechanical actuators controlling their current consumption.An actuator manages the basket capsizing for the unloading of the collected grass. The other actuator manages the up-down movement of the plate carrying the mower’s blades.

Brake control ECU

Item code AA000065

It is used in agricultural tractors of middle-low power for the management of the articulated braking.

SBA differential ECU

Item code AA000006

Differential block/unblock on agricultural tractor

Power shift ECU

Item code AA000009

Automatic shift management on agricultural tractor.

Spark plugs pre-heating ECU

Item code AA000028

It controls the timing of spark-plugs pre-heating for diesel engines relating to detected temperature.

Rear lifter management ECU

Item code AA000032, AA000033, AA000035

Active control of the lifter systems by tracking of strain, position and wheels skid. Applicable on agricultural tractors, it permits to the operator to set-up all the control parameters.

Automatic shift warning light ECU

Item code AA000044

It signals the automatic shift box state on the dashboard of the agricultural tractors.

SBA differential ECU

Item code AA000048

Differential block/unblock on agricultural tractor. Totally hermetic version.

Safety management ECU

Item code AA000055

On vehicle safety devices managament for grass mowing & collecting machines. It forbids the power-on or turn-off of the engine if the normative provided for safety conditions are not followed: stay on top, plate up, etc

Bale wrapper ECU

Item code AA000059

It controls the manostat and relating to the full basket condition drives a string engine or a net engine for the bale tying.

Hydraulic PTO ECU

Item code AA000079

Gradual and regulated driving of hydraulic PTO by mean of a proportional type or on-off type valve. The control can be related to the engine speed using the W alternator connection or an hall effect speed sensor.

Front lifter ECU

Item code AA000052

Active control of the front lifter, operator manageable. For agricultural tractors.

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